Saturday, August 8, 2015

 Dear Teachers, Students and Parents,

Welcome to my Blog - Below are the first four Serial Stories available to you.  Being a teacher and an author, I would be delighted to hear from you. As you read these stories, feel free to send me messages, ask me questions, or simply say hello. You can also reach me at


Christopher Francis

 When eleven year-old Alex Thomas meets a new boy in his class named Henry Greenfield, Alex’s wild imagination gets the best of him. Convinced that the new boy will steal his chances of becoming popular, Alex decides to humiliate him. In the process, Alex finds himself dealing with socially awkward situations that begin to spiral out of control. However, everything changes when Alex finds Henry on the playground being picked on by Damian Dermite, the meanest boy in school. Alex is suddenly inspired to do the right thing and stick up for Henry, even if it means getting himself suspended. Ultimately, Alex learns vital lessons about respect, friendship, and himself.

An impulsive eleven-year-old boy named Alex Thomas has just angered Damian Dermite. Sadly he realizes he will likely have to spend the sixth grade finding clever ways to escape the vengeful bully. Alex soon discovers that hiding in the boy’s bathroom, stinking up the cafeteria, pulling the fire alarm and running away, are not the answers. When he finds himself standing with no clothes on in front of the entire school, Alex quickly realizes things have gotten way out of hand. With help from his brother, and a calculated plan in place, Alex faces his greatest fear...and finds the giant inside himself.

Haunted by a boy named Riley Grayson, twelve year-old Wesley is suddenly confronted by three things he fears the most in life: Love, Bullying and Ghosts. 
While on a grade eight camping trip at Lake Stoneway, Wesley struggles with his fears, trying to find ways to get the attention of Michelle Heartly while stopping his best friend from picking on a new boy named Simon.

Thinking the world is coming to an end, Bailey and Margaret watch a strange object hurtle from the sky. The two nervously investigate the mysterious crash and discover an alien has landed on earth. A teenage farm boy named Sheldon joins them as they try to help the lost creature return to its home. However, they soon realize this alien is not alone. This story highlights friendship, loyal, respect and leadership.

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